Rutherford Hat

Here is my FO for the weekend. I spent a good deal of Mother’s Day shedding tears for my mom. My daughter and husband did a lovely job marking the day, but it did not take away the sorrow that crept back in as I marked the first Mother’s Day I’ve spent without my mom. When I wasn’t crying, I was knitting. I have really rediscovered knitting and making over the past 6 months, and it has helped me a lot through my mom’s illness and passing.  

So this hat…

Pattern: Rutherford 

Yarn: Madeline Tosh (DK), Rainwater colorway

I bought this hat pattern at Tolt Yarn and Wool, but it’s available on Ravelry. The yarn was left over from a shawl that I had made a few months back. I’m on major stash-busting mission, so I thought this would be a great project for trying the pattern and using the yarn. The hat is knit in primarily a twisted rib. It has a nice row of eyelets and the decreases are also unique. Given the eyelets and the decrease, you need to be comfortable reading a pattern and using some different decreases. 

I’m not in love with the yarn in a hat (although, I still like it for the shawl). I’ve also grown more accustomed to some more natural fibers, so the hand on the superwash is not as pleasant for me any more. 

Overall, I like the pattern a lot. The hat is versatile, but the eyelets make it unique too. I’d definitely knit the pattern again in a different yarn. 


2 thoughts on “Rutherford Hat

    • Thanks! The hat knitting was a good distraction. My mom was never big on Mother’s Day, so it hit me harder than I expected.


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