Day out in Petaluma, CA

A few weeks ago we made another trip to California. Again, it was for less than happy circumstances: my husband’s grandmother passed away. It did provide, however, a chance for us to get up to the North Bay to see some family. As an added bonus I got to go to a yarn shop that I’ve been itching to go to. 

We drove across the Golden Gate in the early morning in classic San Francisco fog.  


The weather in Petaluma was beautiful. My daughter and her cousin spent most of the day at the park. Meanwhile, I took a walk over to Knitterly, a shop that I had heard about on the Woolful podcast. The shop was beautiful and the staff was friendly. It was completely worth the trip. I bought some of the Radius yarn which is locally produced and some Twirl yarn. I just can’t decide what to knit with them! 

After my excursion we ate lunch outside and went to the very yummy Petaluma Creamery. 


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