Scarves, hat, and a frogged sweater 

There was brief blog-silence for a little bit there, but I’m still here and knitting. My dad was up visiting, so that slowed a few blog posts that I had on tap. It’s amazing how house-guests can get you out of your routines. 

Here are some recent projects that I’ve been working on: 

Audrey Hat (it’s finished now, but the photo seems to have jumped off my phone). It’s a great pattern, and I LOVE the Snoqualmie Valley Yarn! I just bought some in purple that was dyed with grape skins.   

This is a scarf I knit up with a slipped garter rib pattern. I’ll share some details in another post. The yarn is from the Alpaca farm on Whidbey Island that we visited. I love the softness, but there were a lot of irregularities in the spinning of the yarn, which made it difficult on occasion. 


Here’s more of the alpaca fiber that I got. This just isn’t my style, so it’s up on my Etsy site. The yarn is super soft and luscious and has a very handspun look (but more consistent than the other skein).  


I was working on a linen tank (Togue Pond), but I measured incorrectly at an early point, so it got frogged. I’m on the fence about starting it again or using the yarn for a different linen pattern. 


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