WiP Wednesday: Hat Pattern & Tank

I haven’t made tremendous amounts of progress on my Togue Pond tank that I started last week(ish). We took, yet another, trip to California over the weekend, and I didn’t want to haul a large piece with me. I am working up through the decreases for the sides. I found some of the Quince & Co. Kestrel yarn over the weekend, and the yarn substitute that I found does seem like a good match — that was encouraging. Although I’ve done sweaters and garments previously, I haven’t really made one that I truly enjoy wearing. I think a lot of that has been yarn choice, but getting the right fit (namely choosing a truly appropriate size) is also a challenge for me. I want to become a more confident sweater knitter, so here I go…

Over the weekend, I did work up a hat. I ended up frogging once, but the second time, I came up with a result that I was satisfied with. I am starting on writing up the design/pattern. I find it nerve-wracking to put myself and ideas out there in that way, but I do have aspirations of sharing and being able to design with more confidence, so little by little, I am beginning to experiment more. I’ve been shopping and getting a skein here and there, so I am working on coming up with some original patterns using those yarns.

That’s what’s been up this week…


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