My ever growing list of projects

I have so many projects on my list! Most of them for me…I figure with spring coming the demand for knits in my shop will be lower, so it’s a good time to knit for myself and the family. Here are some projects in my library that I’m either working on or will be working on soon. 

My Profusion Cowl is in progress. 

Here is where I was at on Sunday afternoon. I’m well into the third color block now! 

This one is next on my list. I’m so excited to get started on it! My colorwork is getting better, so this will be great practice. 

I took an impromptu trip out to Tolt Yarn and Wool last week and got this yarn for the hat:

I have some gorgeous MadelineTosh DK around the house that I’m planning on making this with: 

On my trip to Tolt, I also picked up this pattern and yarn (I think I’ll make the hat for my husband) 

I’m also in love with these mitts and this sweater, so they’ll be in the works soon as well. 

So much knitting to do and so little time! 


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