Learning to love lightweight yarn

I used to knit almost exclusively with super bulky, bulky and worsted weight yarns. In all honesty, I used to avoid lightweight yarns like fingering, DK and sport yarns like the plague. I just thought the projects would take too long. More recently, however, I’ve discovered some yarns and patterns that I just couldn’t pass up. I’m finding the drape and texture really nice, and I’m getting addicted.  Here are a few projects with lightweight yarns that I’ve worked on recently. All of these have been particularly nice because they don’t call for super tiny needles. 

Wip: Profusion Cowl – knit on size 9 needles, Cascade Heritage (fingering weight)

A hat for my husband in Cascade Heritage on size 4/6 needles 

VonDoesbug Shawl by Northbound Knitting – knit on size 5 needles and Bumblebirch yarn (fingering weight; colorway: Puddle)

Cirriform Scarf by Northbound Knitting – knit on size 7 needles; yarn: YOTH Little Brother (colorway: wheatgrass)

I’m anxious to use some Madeline Tosh DK that I have. I also have some beautiful Malabrigo to use up too. I’m also excited about some Hawthorne kettles dyed yarn that I have coming in the mail. 

What are some of your favorite yarns? Do you prefer lightweight or bulkier yarns? 


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