Weekend yarn shop outing

I decided to do a knit along (KAL) in March. It’s a bit last minute, but the pattern is pretty amazing: Profusion (check it out on Ravelry). I just finished winding two balls and have one more to go before I start the knitting. 

I needed some yarn for the project, so I got to take a trip out. I decided on The Fiber Gallery, since it is relatively close to home. I’d been there before and liked it well enough. The selection is nice; I found what I needed easily enough (I got some Cascade Heritage sock yarn – it is soft and very affordable). However, I wouldn’t say they have anything in the shop that is particularly unique. It is a spacious store with a lot of stock. The employees there were nice enough, but it is one of the few places I’ve been to recently where they haven’t offered to wind any of my yarn. The store wasn’t particularly busy, so I was a little disappointed. They have a customer rewards program, which I signed up for, but they didn’t really describe the benefits in any detail. In all, if you are in the Greenwood neighborhood and need yarn, it is a nice spot. I wouldn’t say it is a place I would seek out if I weren’t all that close, but it’ll get the job done. 


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