Brit’s Brioche Scarf

Yarn: approx 150 yards bulky weight yarn (I used 2 balls of Lion Brand Woolspun)
Needles: US Size 13

Finished scarf is approximately 62 inches long and 6 inches wide

CO 18 stitches (you work brioche over an even number of stitches, so cast on as many as you’d like for your desired width)

Row 1 – set-up row: *YO, Slip 1, K 1* to end of row.

Row 2 – pattern stitch: *YO, Sl 1, K2tog*

Work all rows as row 2 until it is your desired length.

Work 1 row in P1K1 rib.

Bind off using a stretchy technique. Weave in ends and enjoy!

To give a little description for the pattern stitch: bring your yarn forward, slip one stitch purl-wise, knit two stitches together, which happen to be the slipped stitch and the yarn over from the other side, to knit that stitch, you have to bring the yarn over the right hand needle.

There are some great tutorials on how to create brioche on Craftsy and Purl Bee. This is such a nice stitch pattern that creates a very light, yet thick piece.





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