Mistakes & making them work

My husband asked me to make him a grey slouchy hat. Easy enough, right? I had a simple pattern from this little book:


It knitted up quickly between Friday and Saturday. Of course, I got to the decrease and figured out I’d left out a pretty substantial increase at the beginning of the project (right after the ribbing). At this point, I was faced with the decision: rip out and start again or just make it work. I opted for just making it work. I just couldn’t face frogging it – it was so close to being done. I could tell the hat would be big enough; it just wouldn’t be quite as slouchy as the pictured one. With some creative math, I was able to fudge the decrease into something that worked.

I’ll post a picture if I’m able to convince my reluctant model 🙂

When you’re knitting are you a true to the pattern person or will you fudge if needed?


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