New hat

I just finished up this hat that I made sans pattern! I made it in a similar style to the cowl I recently finished and wrote up as a pattern. I was proud to have a hat turn out. It’s easy enough to make a scarf or cowl work without a guide, but hats are a little bit of a different story (with the decreases and all). I’m planning on writing up a pattern for it, so stay tuned! After about 10 years of knitting I’m excited to start expanding my skill-set into pattern writing.

Update Nov. 18: the pattern for the hat (and coordinating cowl) are on Etsy & Ravelry



11 thoughts on “New hat

  1. LOVE this hat. It’s very impressive that you were able to create the pattern yourself. I’ve been crocheting casually over the past few years, and I’m nowhere near being ready to create my own patterns! Congrats on expanding your skills.


  2. The hat looks great! I’m a super beginner at knitting, I’ve made a zillion scarves, but never anything more than that. Looking forward for your pattern.


    • You’ll love knitting hats! They’re my favorite things to knit. My pattern is on Etsy & Ravelry. I’m always happy to offer guidance when you’re ready to take the plunge 🙂


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