Stretchy bind-off technique

Lately, I’ve been doing more projects that require stretchy a bind-off technique. It is usually called for when knitting sweaters. I’ve tried a few, but this one, albeit a little more time consuming, is my favorite. The others often lead to a funky edge or flare. With this technique you end up with an edge that looks like your cast-on. It’s often referred to as a “sewn bind-off.”

First cut a long tail. Thread the yarn through your favorite needle. Insert your needle through the first two stitches from right to left, as if to purl. Pull the yarn through.


Then insert the needle back through the first stitch from left to right and pull the yarn through.


Slip the first stitch off the needle.


Here’s a picture of what the edge looks like.


Continue around. You want to make sure you’re pulling the yarn so it is snug as you go. When you get to the last stitch pull the yarn through, and you’re done!


2 thoughts on “Stretchy bind-off technique

    • It took me a while to venture into new cast-on and bind-off techniques; it can be intimidating, but the right one can make such a big difference in your finished project.

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