Tips for knitting stripes in the round

I am working on a cute knit sweater for my daughter’s Doc McStuffins Halloween costume. (The beloved Doc wears a little purple and white striped sweater.)


I’ve always been frustrated by that funky jog that happens when you knit stripes in the round. So, I did some research and found one technique for avoiding the jog that I particularly like, and I thought I’d share it. It is simple, but you end up with better looking stripes. The result is a bit more finished and professional as well.

On the round where you switch colors knit as you usual. For the next round, you slip the first stitch and then knit around. Knit subsequent rows as normal as well. It’s as easy as that! No more annoying jog. I found a few good video links, but if you can’t find one, perhaps I’ll post one.

Happy knitting!


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