Where do you tend to buy your yarn? I don’t really care much what is in a yarn or where it’s from so long as it knits up nicely.

I love the idea of local yarn shops. But, in reality, I find the high prices and the relative attitude of shop owners to young knitters to be a bit of a downer. I’m always up for going in to look, but I rarely buy.

Then there are your craft stores: Joann Fabrics & Michael’s. I don’t go to Hobby Lobby, but that’s a post for another time. I’ve found some yarns at these stores that are pretty reliable. They’re soft enough for what I need. I’ve done quite a few projects with Caron Simply Soft and the Lion Brand yarns, and I haven’t been disappointed with them.



I think I am happiest buying my yarn online. It’s all the benefit of the small yarn shop without all of the attitude. Generally, I’ve stayed away from the big online stores like yarnmarket.com. I do like Craftsy, especially some of their kits (when they’re on sale, the prices are great!). My absolute favorite is PurlSoho. They have a beautiful selection, the prices are good, and the customer service is quite good.


My current stash is absolutely overflowing, so I’m trying not to buy more until I knit through (and hopefully sell) some of what I have.

Happy knitting!


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