Pattern resources

It seems like there are limitless options for finding patterns out there.

When I first got started knitting, I used to buy books. I soon found I knit a pattern or two out of them at best, so they were just taking up a lot of space in our tiny house. I think one or two good book sources are great, but I find I don’t need much beyond that. My original Stitch n’ Bitch copy is completely falling apart, but it is probably my favorite. I recommend it to just about everyone I teach. Do you have any favorite knitting books?

Then came my discovery of PDF patterns on Ravelry and Etsy. They are tremendously convenient and so much less expensive. Ravelry is particularly great because of all of the free patterns. My favorite designer/store, who is on both is on both Etsy and Ravelry is The Velvet Acorn shop. Her designs are beautiful! Here are a few things I’ve made from her shop:




And, then of course, Pinterest came along. I get lost in endless pattern inspiration there. (Follow me!

More recently, I stumbled upon Craftsy. I find it harder to browse and search their site (particularly on iPads). But, a lot comes up through Facebook. They also end up with really good deals on some pattern and yarn kits. I knitted this from one of their kits:


Where do you shop/find patterns? Who are your favorite designers?


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